The 20 Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik: A Culinary Journey



The 20 Best Restaurants in Dubrovnik: A Culinary Journey

Dubrovnik, known for its stunning coastline and rich history, is also a culinary paradise. From authentic Croatian dishes to international cuisine, here are the 20 best restaurants in Dubrovnik you must visit.

1. Nautika

Located at Pile Gate, Nautika offers breathtaking views and exceptional seafood, making it one of Dubrovnik’s finest dining experiences .

4.7/5 on Google – over 1 185 reviews.

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2. Restaurant 360

Set within the historic city walls, 360 combines Michelin-starred cuisine with stunning views of the harbor. Perfect for a luxurious dining experience .

4.7/5 on Google – over 899 reviews.

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3. Pantarul

Known for its locally sourced ingredients and contemporary Croatian dishes, Pantarul is a favorite among locals and tourists alike .

4.8/5 on Google – over 1,651 reviews.

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4. Azur Dubrovnik

A blend of Mediterranean and Asian flavors, Azur offers a unique dining experience in the heart of Old Town .

4.5/5 on Google – over 1,145 reviews.

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5. Lady Pi-Pi

Famous for its barbecued meat and fish, Lady Pi-Pi provides a casual dining atmosphere with a great view over Old Town .

4.4/5 on Google – over 1,530 reviews.

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6. Fish Restaurant Proto

Specializing in seafood since 1886, Proto is renowned for its traditional dishes and elegant setting .

4.4/5 on Google – over 1,337 reviews.

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7. Restaurant Dubrovnik

Located within the Hotel Dubrovnik, this restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a focus on local cuisine .

4.7/5 on Google – over 1,337 reviews.

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8. Yach Club Orsan

Situated by the yacht club, Orsan is perfect for enjoying fresh seafood and a relaxed maritime atmosphere .

4.4/5 on Google – over 1,872 reviews.

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9. Bota Sare

A top choice for sushi lovers, Bota Sare blends Dalmatian and Japanese cuisines beautifully.

10. Kopun

Offering traditional Croatian dishes with a modern twist, Kopun is known for its exceptional service and cozy ambiance.

11. Lokanda Peskarija

Located at the old port, this restaurant is famous for its seafood risotto and picturesque views .

12. Pizzeria Tabasco

For a more casual dining option, Pizzeria Tabasco offers delicious pizzas with a Croatian twist .

13. Taj Mahal

Don’t be misled by the name; Taj Mahal specializes in Bosnian cuisine, offering a delightful change of pace from typical Croatian fare .

14. Above 5 Rooftop Restaurant

Enjoy gourmet dining with panoramic views of Dubrovnik from this rooftop gem .

15. Restaurant Posat

Close to the Pile Gate, Posat offers a mix of Mediterranean and Croatian dishes in an elegant setting .

16. Vapor

Located in the Bellevue Hotel, Vapor provides a sophisticated dining experience with a focus on fresh, local ingredients .

17. Konoba Dubrava

Nestled in the hills above Dubrovnik, Konoba Dubrava is perfect for those seeking authentic Croatian cuisine in a rustic setting .

18. Sesame

A hidden gem offering Mediterranean dishes with a modern twist, Sesame is perfect for a romantic evening .

19. Restaurant Amfora

Located near Gruž harbor, Amfora is known for its innovative seafood dishes and modern decor .

20. Villa Ruza Old City Bistro

Set within the walls of the Old City, Villa Ruza offers a charming dining experience with a focus on local cuisine and fresh ingredients .

Embark on a culinary adventure in Dubrovnik and indulge in the city’s diverse and delicious offerings.

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